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Texas Parent-Taught Driver's Ed The best online course for teens – bar none!

  • Interactive, engaging, and fun
  • Skip those boring classroom lectures
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We know what it takes to get your driver’s permit in Texas. We’ve been providing teen drivers just like you with the exact course they need to meet their DPS requirements — for over 10 years! We’ve gone out of our way to crate the perfect program to help you earn your Texas driver’s permit. Our courses are approved by the DPS, so you know you’re meeting all state requirements for Teen Driver’s Ed.

Our Courses Are Designed By Professionals

No one wants to waste their time taking a boring, tedious driver’s education course. Instead, our driving instructors have taken extra steps to incorporate all the necessary safe-driving information you’re required to take into a slick and interesting online program. It’s our goal to make taking a Texas Parent-Taught driver’s education course easy and convenient. You’ll love the advantage of going digital!

We Keep Your Personal Information Safe

There’s no risk here, we have taken extra steps to ensure your personal information is completely safe. We use encrypted security measures to guarantee all your details are protected.

Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed
$ 149 .95
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