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Defensive Driving
for Ticket Dismissal

  • 100% state-approved
  • Work around your schedule
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Online Defensive Driving Texas

No matter your reason for taking a defensive driving course in Texas, we've got exactly what you need to meet your requirements and clear your driving record with ease.

Texas Defensive Driving Course for Ticket Dismissal

This course is designed for drivers who have received a minor traffic ticket, and have been given permission or an order from the court to dismiss the violation and/or points by taking a defensive driving course.

Your Course on Your Terms

Instead of sitting through a boring classroom course, you can fulfill your court requirements and clear your driving record from home! With an online Texas Ticket Dismissal course from Digital Driving, you don't have to rearrange your schedule or rush through lessons. Instead, sit back, relax, and complete your chapters at whatever speed suits you. You call the shots!

How It All Works

Once you've registered for your online driving defensive driving course in TX, you will be able study and log out at any time, and you'll start right where you left off each time you log back in. The course itself is 6 hours long, and each of the chapters covers a single subject for much faster and easier completion. These topics include:

  • Texas traffic laws and road regulations
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Common problem areas (yielding, intersections, speeding, etc.)
  • Night and highway driving maneuvers

At the end of each chapter, you will have to pass a 10-question multiple-choice quiz with a score of 70% or higher to move to the next chapter. If you fail the quiz, don't worry – you get unlimited retakes to pass. And the best part? There' s no final exam... so you're guaranteed to pass the course!

After you pass your course, we'll send you a Completion Certificate that you can take straight to your court.

Make It a Combo and Save!

When you submit your Certificate of Completion to your court, you will likely also be required to submit a copy of your certified driving record. Make it easy on yourself – get your driving record online with your defensive driving course! With our Combo option, you can take care of both requirements at once, saving you the hassle of standing in line at the DPS and filling out a bunch of paperwork for your driving record. Complete everything from the comfort of home!

Support You Can Count On

Whether you choose to study early in the morning or late at night – or any time in between – our Customer Support team is always standing by to give you the helping hand you need. Whether you have a question about your course, how to sign up, the Texas ticket dismissal process, or anything else, we'll get you the answers you're looking for. Call us or send us an email!

Texas Defensive Driving
for Ticket Dismissal

Texas Adult Drivers Education Online

Get Both and Save
Online Course + Driving Record

Texas Adult Drivers Education Online

Texas Insurance Discount Course

Take this course to earn a discount on your auto insurance – you can even save up to 10-15% on your premium! Check with your insurance provider for details on what types of discounts they offer, and how much you could save.

Reward Yourself for Good Driving – Save for 3 Years!

You put forth a lot of effort to be a safe and responsible member of the Texas roadways... so why not reap some benefits for your hard work? When you take an online Insurance Discount course in Texas, you can slash your rates and give yourself the gift of long-term cost savings!

  • Reduce your insurance from home
  • No classroom or textbook
  • Renew your 3-year discount when it expires!

You don't have to listen to an instructor or read through a Texas driver's handbook. Simply kick back and learn some new defensive driving techniques right from your computer. After all, you already know what safe driving is all about!

Self-Paced & Stress-Free Lessons

Since your course is 100% online, you can log and out from anywhere you have access to the Internet, at any time you find convenient. The entire course runs 6 hours long, but you can break that up however you like! Study a little bit at a time, or spend an entire day knocking out lesson after lesson… the choice is entirely yours!

You'll refresh your safe driving skills by learning concepts through interactive multimedia and visual learning aids. Each chapter ends with a 10-question quiz, entirely multiple-choice, which allows unlimited retakes. And guess what? There's no final exam! After you pass your last quiz, you're completely finished!

How Do I Obtain My Discount?

After you pass your Texas defensive driving course, we will send you a Certificate of Completion through the mail. We offer many affordable delivery options, including FREE standard mail delivery.

Once you receive your certificate, simply take it to your insurance provider and have them apply your discount. It's that easy!

Texas Defensive Driving
for Insurance Discount

Texas Adult Drivers Education Online
Texas Seat Belt Course

Take this course if you have been convicted of a seat belt or child car seat violation, and you have been ordered by your court to complete a defensive driving course.


This course is the ONLY approved online course for seat belt violations in Texas. You simply won't find better convenience or affordability on the market... it's the only approved course in the state!

Made to Work for You

Your entire course is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, so no matter where you find an opportunity to study, your lessons will be waiting. When you choose to study your Texas seat belt violation course online, you have the power to:

  • Take breaks when you need them
  • Study any time, day or night
  • Work as quickly or slowly as you prefer

This course is designed to fit within and around your schedule, so that you never need to rearrange your daily habits to complete your requirements. There's no better or more convenient way to go!

Money-Back Guarantee

We've led the pack for over 10 years, delivering state-approved driving courses to busy drivers just like you. We're confident that we provide the best product on the market, especially since it's the only approved seat belt course available online! If you aren't satisfied with your Digital Driving experience, simply call us within 30 days of enrollment and before you take your final exam. We'll issue you a refund – no questions asked.

About Your Course

The Texas Seat Belt course meets the state-required 6-hour time length, and is broken up into 12 single-subject chapters targeting seat belt and child safety. The entire course is taught through a proven combination of multimedia elements and interactive teaching tools that will help you remember your lessons longer and finish your course faster. The lesson material includes:

  • Child seat belt and car seat safety
  • Texas seat belt laws and regulations
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Common traffic problem areas (speeding, tailgating, etc.)

Each of these chapters ends with a multiple-choice quiz that you will need to pass to move onto your next lesson (and all of the quizzes allow unlimited retakes and reviews). After all of your chapters and quizzes, you will take a final exam consisting of 24 multiple–choice questions. You will need to score at least a 70% to pass the exam, but don't worry – you get a total of 3 attempts to pass, so if you don't achieve that score on the first try, simply try again!

Texas Defensive Driving
for Seat Belt Violation

Texas Adult Drivers Education Online